We solicit original and unpublished research papers on 3D immersion, interaction and multi-sensory experiences, including 3D user interaction, collaborative interactions, multimodal/cross-modal interaction and perception, capture and creation of immersive VR/AR/MR/XR content, real-time 3D rendering techniques, ultra-realistic rendering, accessibility of immersive interfaces, mediated and diminished reality, multisensory rendering, registration, and synchronization, user experience and usability.
Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
Track 1: 3D Immersion & Interaction

• 3D user interaction
• 3D user interface metaphors
• Collaborative interactions
• Human factors and ergonomics
• Input devices
• Locomotion and navigation
• Multimodal/cross-modal interaction and perception
• Touch, tangible and gesture interfaces
• Capture and creation of immersive XR content
• Light field coding, mesh and point cloud coding, and transmission
• Real-time 3D rendering techniques
• Ultra-realistic rendering
• Inclusive/Accessible XR
• Tracking and sensing

Track 2: Multi-sensory Experiences

• Audio interfaces, sound rendering, spatialized audio, auditory perception and psychoacoustics
• Visual effects/video processing
• Immersive/360° video
• Accessibility of immersive interfaces
• Diversity and gender issues
• Embodied agents, virtual humans and (self-)avatars
• Ethical issues
• Evaluation methods
• Haptic and tactile interfaces, wearable haptics, passive haptics, pseudo haptics, other touch-based UI
• Mediated and diminished reality
• Multisensory rendering, registration, and synchronization
• Perception and cognition
• Presence, body ownership, and agency
• Teleoperation and telepresence
• User experience and usability
• Technology acceptance
• XR applications not limited to
     o Entertainment (e.g., games)
     o Art, cultural heritage, education and training
     o Health, accessibility, wellbeing, and medical applications